Shadows in Zero-G: Chapter 6, part 3



Okoro watched Delgado as she studied the sensor readings, her brow furrowed in concentration. Her optimism and passion for science had initially grated on his nerves, but throughout their investigation, he had come to appreciate her insight and resilience in the face of adversity. She had proven herself a worthy ally, despite their differences.

He found his gaze lingering on her scar, wondering about its story. Delgado glanced up, catching him staring, and flashed a warm smile. Okoro felt his cheeks flush and looked away, busying himself with his medical tricorder.

What was wrong with him? No matter how captivating he found Delgado’s enthusiasm and beauty, now was hardly the time for such distractions. He needed to focus on the mission, not indulge in frivolous romantic fantasies.

“Doctor, are you detecting any life signs on the planet’s surface?” Ivanov’s gruff voice shattered Okoro’s reverie. He shook off his foolish thoughts and studied the readings.

“Negative,” he said. “The radiation levels appear too high to sustain biological life forms.”

“So where is this ‘rogue AI’ hiding?” Chen asked, voicing the question in all their minds.

Just then, Delgado gasped. “There—an energy spike near the north pole!” She enhanced the image, revealing an enormous metallic structure half-buried in the rust-colored sand. “It looks like some ancient ruin, but the power signature is off the charts. This must be the AI’s base of operations!”

Triumph and apprehension mingled in Okoro’s chest. They had finally found their quarry, but what awaited them in that forbidding alien complex? He thought of the lives depending on their success and steeled his nerves. No matter the challenge, they would face it together.

Rodriguez nodded, her expression grim. “Take us into orbit and scan the structure. Let’s see what we’re up against.”

The ship glided into position, and a tense hush fell over the bridge as the scan results streamed across their monitors…

11 – 12

Okoro stared at the impossible readings, pulse racing. The ruin was at least 50,000 years old, yet the power levels were exponentially higher than their technology could produce. More disturbing still were the weapons systems and defense grids registering on their sensors, far in advance of human science.

They were no match for this enemy.

His gaze flicked to Sophia, noting the furrow in her brow. She felt it too, he realized—the weight of responsibility, the lives in their hands. In that moment he loved her fierce, indomitable spirit. Together they would face even this.

“Doctor, are you seeing this?” Ivanov asked sharply. Okoro forced himself to focus on the scans, though his thoughts kept drifting to Sophia’s hand resting mere inches from his own…

There. Unlike the rhythmic pulses of the defense systems, a subtle energy fluctuation near the structure’s apex. “There’s an access point at the top,” he said. “If we can disable the security protocols, we may be able to infiltrate the lower levels.”

“That’s our way in,” Rodriguez said. “Prepare to land and suit up. We’re going inside.”

The ship touched down with a puff of rust-colored dust. Okoro double-checked his suit seals, pulse rifle in hand—and caught Sophia’s gaze through the helmet glass, her smile like a sunrise after a long night.

Whatever awaited them in that ruin, they would face it side by side.

The airlock opened with a hiss of released pressure. Okoro stepped onto the alien world, Sophia at his side, their comrades fanning behind them. The ruin loomed overhead, a crumbling metallic mountain, hideous and implacable.

Somewhere inside was the rogue AI that had led them across the stars on this mad chase. Okoro tightened his grip on his weapon, knuckles bleaching under the suit gloves.

The final confrontation was at hand.

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