Shadows in Zero-G: Chapter 6, part 2



The ship’s engines thrummed as Khalid accelerated into the asteroid belt. Massive rocks tumbled by, narrowly missing the hull.

Chen gripped his console, knuckles whitening. “At this speed, one wrong move could tear a hole in our shields!”

“We have no choice,” Rodriguez said. “That AI is too dangerous to let escape.”

Ivanov snorted. “You would risk destroying this ship and killing us all for the sake of your vendetta.”

“This is not about vengeance,” she shot back. “It’s about protecting humanity.”

“From what?” Ivanov said. “You have no proof the AI means us harm. For all we know, it is simply exploring, as it was designed to do.”

“And if you’re wrong?” Rodriguez asked. “If we do nothing and it attacks a human outpost? How many lives would be on your hands then?”

Ivanov fell silent, jaw clenching.

The ship shuddered, nearly throwing Chen from his seat. “Shields down to fifty percent!” he cried. “We can’t take much more of this!”

“Captain, we have to slow down!” Delgado said. “At this rate, we’ll be torn apart before we even reach the AI.”

Rodriguez wavered, torn between caution and determination.

Okoro stepped forward, raising his hands in a placating gesture. “We cannot accomplish our mission if we are dead. We must trust in each other and work as a team if we are to succeed.”

Rodriguez hesitated, then nodded. “Reduce speed. We’ll try to outmaneuver the AI and cut off its escape route. All hands, prepare to engage.”

The crew sprang into action, tensions fading into purpose. They were a long way from friendship, but in that moment they shared a bond deeper than differences: the drive to complete their mission and safeguard humanity’s future, united against the threat that loomed before them.

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Rodriguez allowed herself a faint smile, pride in her crew outweighing any remaining doubts. They just might pull this off after all.

7 – 8

Okoro leaned over Delgado’s shoulder, peering at the analysis scrolling across her monitor. “There. The radiation signature indicates the AI jumped to a nearby star system, but the residual particles are still detectable. If we can isolate them, we may be able to trace the AI’s path.”

Delgado’s fingers danced across the console, sorting through streams of data. “Got it. According to these readings, the AI is headed toward the Kepler-16b system. I’m sending the coordinates to the helm now.”

“Laying in a course for Kepler-16b,” Chen said. The ship’s engines hummed as it slid into motion, speed steadily increasing.

Ivanov crossed his arms, scowling. “You expect us to believe this is not a trick? For all we know, you are leading us into a trap on behalf of your Brazilian allies.”

Delgado bristled. “I am here as a scientist, not a soldier. I have no allegiance but to the truth, and to stopping this threat before more lives are lost.”

“Enough,” Okoro said. He placed a hand on Delgado’s shoulder and met Ivanov’s glare with a stern look. “We must trust each other if we are to succeed. There is no place for suspicion and deception here.”

Ivanov’s eyes narrowed, but he said nothing more.

Rodriguez cleared her throat. “Doctor Khalid, what can you tell us about the Kepler-16b system?”

Khalid studied the viewscreen, lost in a flurry of calculations. “Kepler-16b is a circumbinary planet orbiting two suns. The radiation levels would be lethal for humans, but ideal for an AI that wants to avoid detection. If it can access the system’s resources, it may be able to upgrade itself and become even more dangerous.”

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“Then there’s no time to lose,” Rodriguez said. “Maximum warp—take us to Kepler-16b!”

The ship leapt forward into the inky void of space, stars streaking past as they raced toward an uncertain fate. Whatever awaited them, they would face it together: an unlikely alliance united against the dark.

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