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I conducted some research on how to make YouTube videos more engaging. The tips I found cover a range of topics, such as content creation, audience engagement, channel growth, and optimization strategies. Hope they might be of help to aspiring YouTubers

  1. Find trending topics within your niche to create content that will attract viewers.
  2. Emphasize the importance of writing a good video script when scripting your YouTube videos.
  3. Create high-quality YouTube videos by incorporating AI-generated voiceovers, stock footage, and AI art.
  4. Regularly repeat the content creation process, ideally 2-3 times weekly, to facilitate channel growth.
  5. Set a rule to spend less than an hour creating each video to avoid burnout.
  6. Encourage viewers to engage by liking, subscribing, commenting, and taking part in giveaways.
  7. Get rid of intros and focus on delivering immediate value to keep viewers.
  8. Pay attention to editing techniques to retain viewers in the first 30 seconds of your videos.
  9. Make content that appeals to a broader audience rather than being self-centered.
  10. Prioritize good audio quality, as it significantly affects viewer retention.
  11. Invest in good lighting for better video quality.
  12. A/B test your thumbnails to improve click-through rates.
  13. Create a deep library of content on a specific topic to become known for it.
  14. Break up your videos visually to maintain viewer interest.
  15. Use the 80/20 rule, where 80% of your content should be focused on performance, and 20% can be experimental or expressive.
  16. Master thumbnail design using software like Photoshop, Gimp, or Photopea.
  17. Keep titles simple, readable, and shorter to maximize views.
  18. Start before feeling ready and post a significant number of videos (around 35) to trigger the algorithm and gain momentum in getting your first 1000 subscribers.
  19. Identify your target audience and the problem your channel solves for them.
  20. Avoid creating selfish content and focus on providing value to the audience.
  21. Study successful channels in your niche to learn the necessary skills and gather inspiration.
  22. Persevere, continuously improve, and embrace competition as proof of audience interest.
  23. Have a plan and strategy for success on YouTube, including determining video frequency, topics, and length, and identifying the target audience.
  24. Focus on a specific niche and tailor content to suit the audience’s interests.
  25. Provide value through educational or entertaining videos.
  26. Hook and engage the audience within the first 10 seconds of the video.
  27. Avoid wasting viewers’ time with lengthy intros or irrelevant content.
  28. Monetize YouTube Shorts by aiming for 10 million views within 90 days.
  29. Focus on video length and maximize watch time through engaging content.
  30. Use music strategically to create the desired mood and emotion in YouTube Shorts.
  31. Tailor video length based on audience preferences and optimize for session duration.
  32. Update titles and thumbnails of older videos to attract more views and subscribers.
  33. Prioritize session duration, which refers to watching multiple videos in one session, over watch time.
  34. Guarantee growth and views through a YouTube Shorts mentorship program.
  35. Start a YouTube channel by overcoming initial barriers and fears.
  36. Take the first step, even if the initial videos could be better.
  37. Consider showing your face on YouTube videos as optional.
  38. Progress toward success by focusing on incremental improvements over time.
  39. Use the sequel technique to increase YouTube views by creating better videos based on popular videos in your niche.
  40. Optimize videos for suggested videos by using keywords in the video, title, description, and tags.
  41. Increase click-through rate (CTR) of suggested videos for more views.
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